Features & Applications

Envirotac II is an vinyl acrylic copolymer that works in a wide array of conditions, such as dust abatement (PM 10 & 2.5 compliant), road and sub-base stabilization, long and short-term erosion control; finished construction pads, untreated slopes, to name a few. Envirotac II will resist UV rays, water, and alkaline breakdowns for long periods of time. Envirotac II is environmentally safe, non-corrosive, and non-flammable, with no offensive odor. Once the product has cured, it will not become slippery when wet. Envirotac II will not leach or track and is readily miscible in water, safe and clean to use.

Applications Include

Soil Stabilization

Tailing Ponds

Wind and Water Erosion Control


Hazardous Waste Sites

Native Soil Permeability Modification

Spoil Piles

Active, Concurrent, and Passive Reclamation

Seed Tackification

Heavy Haul Roads

Dust Control

Unpaved Roads

Mineral Stockpiles

Sub-Base Stabilization

Oil Exploration Pads

Trails & Paths

Historical Sites

Parking Lots

McKenzie County, ND Road Application, Summer 2012


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