Envirotac II, What Is It?

Envirotac II is part of a family of high performance vinyl acrylic copolymer products used to support heavy industry.

The Envirotac Product Line is the ultimate soil stabilization and dust abatement product on the market today. It is a high performance, low cost acrylic copolymer. When applied to various soils or sands, it will penetrate and extend down into the soil to create a web of tough protection. Upon drying, Envirotac forms a clear, plastic and resin bond which binds the soil’s particles. Increasing the concentration of Envirotac II, can create a highly durable surface that will be pliable and hard enough to minimize surface damage, waterproof and withstand heavy traffic.

From The Question and Answer Interview with Bill Krippaehne

Rhinosnot, or Envirotac II, is a vinyl acrylic copolymer.

Copolymers have been around for at least 100 years. And copolymer’s have been used in such things as medicine, adhesives, & textiles. And now, they are being applied to road stabilization and dust control.

Envirotac II is a long-chain nano-technology that forms a complex lattice of minute, yet strong and flexible bonds capable of binding small particles together.

In this case it is very valuable for road stabilization and dust control. This product is a proprietary product and was developed twenty years ago by a person involved with chemical engineering. Envirotac II has been widely used in the mining indusrty for heavy haul road development and maintenance, leach pads, tailing treatment, erosion and dust control; it has also become a cost effective and environmentally safe product for road stabilization and dust control.

Envirotac II is the preferred soil stabilization and dust control product used by the U.S. military for road, air field and landing zone development.

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