Activated Carbon


Water Filtration

Industrial Water Filtration and Adsorption with Activated Carbon:

Activated Carbon is widely used to help control the release or migration of environmental contaminants like PCBs, Oils, Btex, PFAS, PAH, etc. These types of contaminants are persistent in the environment and can bio-accumulate in the food chain, causing environmental harm to plants, animals, and ultimately humans as well.

The activated carbon adsorbs the contaminants rendering them immobile in the environment and preventing further bio-accumulation in the food chain. Activated carbon is also useful for municipal drinking water filtration, pump and treat groundwater contamination plumes, landfill leachate filtration and odor scrubbing, food and Beverage filtration of contact and process water, patulin removal for tree fruit juices, and color removal and balancing. There are many applications and with access to over 100 products with many variations, we can help you find the activated carbon that fits your application. We can also offer carbon exchange and reactivation on projects that require it. Our activated carbon can come granulated, pelletized, or powdered, depending on the application. Available in supersacks and dry tankers.

Food and Beverage

Our excellent standards mean our activated carbon can be used in a variety situations, such as:

  • Filtration of contact water

  • Patulin removal for tree fruit juices

  • Color removal and balancing

  • Decaffeination of coffee