Low Density Fills

Polyurethane based fills are Equipment-less Foam Sealants that come in varying sized bags. The bags come with both chemicals with a clip in the center to prevent the chemicals from mixing prior to use. Simply remove the clip and thoroughly mix the two chemicals together, cut the corner of the bag and pour. They are easy to mix, have excellent resistance to solvents, mold, and mildew, have a high closed cell content, and have good dimensional stability. Suitable uses include geotechnical void filling, low density requirements on structures or road underlayment when soft soils are present, can be used with or can replace polystyrene blocks. Available in specialty sized pour-bags(up to 1CY), bulk drums, IBC totes.
Polyurethane Strength Properties – 2.6PCF @ 35 PSI

Cement based low density fills are very useful when very large void spaces need filling. They form a rigid bubble structure in the final cured concrete, effectively changing the engineering properties and creating a lightweight matrix that also has excellent strength properties, as well as seismic stability during strong events. The additives we supply are capable of creating either open or closed cell systems (permeable or non-permeable). It is an excellent alternative to extruded polystyrene blocks which are sensitive to UV and fuel spills. Typical Low Density Cellular Concrete(LDCC) uses are back-filling mine workings, Mechanically Stabilized Earth(MSE) walls, bridge abutments, subgrade for permeable pavement surfaces to allow water flow through the pavement profile, roofing and flooring systems in large distribution facilities and high-rise development. Since the cured concrete has air bubbles the thermal conductivity is similar to that of insulation. The flooring and roofing version carries UL and FR ratings. Available in pails, bulk drums, and IBC totes.
Cement Based Low Density Fill Range of Strength Properties – 20-120PCF @ 30-3000PSI