Pacific Inter-Mountain Distribution, LLC was established in 2012 to supply high performance products to heavy industry.


Our Mission

We strive to provide innovative, environmentally safe, and cost-effective solutions to an ever-increasing complex set of problems facing heavy industry.  We design our products to be highly customizable in order to fit your specific project needs, because we realize each job is different. Pac-imd, LLC supplies bulk chemicals in dry and liquid forms to address niche challenges that the mining, construction, energy, transportation, and environmental remediation sectors continually face throughout the life cycle of the project.

Our Products

Copolymers have been around for at least 100 years. Copolymers have been used in such things as medicine, adhesives, & textiles. And now, they are being applied to road stabilization and dust control.  

TortiShell™ is a long-chain copolymer that forms a complex lattice of minute, yet strong and flexible bonds capable of binding small particles together.

In this case it is very valuable for road stabilization and dust control. For example, our TortiShell™ product is a proprietary product and was developed in concert with chemical engineers and PhD polymer chemists, who assist Pacific Inter-Mountain Distribution with the copolymer formulation. TortiShell™ is a next generation copolymer specifically designed to be used in the mining industry for heavy haul road development and maintenance, leach pads, tailing treatment, erosion and dust control; it is a cost effective and environmentally safe product for road stabilization and dust control.

We work directly with our clients to customize our polymers to their specific needs.  This allows us to offer an unparalleled customer experience and help make your job easier.  


  • Soil Stablization
  • Tailing Ponds
  • Wind and Water Erosion Control
  • Landfill
  • Hazardous Waste Sites
  • Native Soil Permeabilitiy Modification
  • Spoil Piles
  • Historical Sites
  • Parking Lots
  • Active, Concurrent, and Passive Reclamation
  • Seed Tackification
  • Heavy Haul Roads
  • Unpaved Roads
  • Mineral Stockpiles
  • Sub-Base Stabilization
  • Oil Exploration Pads
  • Trails & paths

These aren't the only uses though! We had the hassles and headaches of each job in mind when designing our copolymers. With that in mind, we developed a copolymer so effective that we can work directly with our clients to customize our copolymer to whatever their job may be.  If you're struggling to find the perfect product for you job, contact us with the job details and we will find a solution for you!