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and the home of TortiShell®. Pac-imd was established in 2012 after realizing an expanding need to provide high performance products and solutions to an ever-increasing set of problems found in heavy industry, especially the mining, energy, transportation, and environmental remediation sectors.

Pac-imd uses our industry and product knowledge, in combination with engineers and chemists, to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions. 

Pac-imd controls the entire production process end-to-end using virgin chemical feedstock; this allows us to offer customization, quality control, and unparalleled assistance with your site-specific reclamation, remediation, dust and erosion control needs in mind.

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Are you completely satisfied with your current supplier?  Pac-imd has strict requirements for our high performance products and follows international manufacturing standards.  Our partners meet the same requirements along all aspects of production, warehousing, and distribution. 

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